Where to get laid?

The good news for travelers who want to get lucky with Croatians is that you can find love in Zagreb. Just take a look at my story, being a Canadian who struggled in Bratislava for over four years to meet someone decent, it was so much easier in Zagreb to meet members of the opposite sex who are open to dating a foreigner. Basically, if I can find love with a Croatian, then so can you!

A hot spot to pick up girls and guys is Maraschino, Purgaraj, Lemon Club, and Sax. All these clubs are free to enter, except for Sax (at Sax you have to pay 10 kunas). Tkalčićeva Street is a great place to meet people who are looking to have fun, as I mentioned before, there are tons of bars and cafes on this street, and it is the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night to catch a glimpse of the sexy ladies and gentlemen.

But there are other places which are scattered around Zagreb where you can meet people to hook up. In the spring and summer, go to Lake Jarun if you want to get laid. It is party central at night where various night clubs like Aquarius, Parahna, and Macao have tons of hot guys and gals looking to get lucky.

Maraschino has a very cool atmosphere to meet people and there is no entrance fee. During the summer, the majority of people are sitting outside on the open terrace, so the night club is not that full. But your best bet to find some romance is to sit on the terrace and have your drinks there; you will be surprised at how many hot guys and girls pass through this way. Also, Purgaraj is a great place to hook up with guys and girls because of its summer terrace. The pub is situated in Ribnjak Park with nature surroundings, and it is also a popular place to meet local students. I came here before and some Scandinavian guys got lucky with some Croatian girls. I am telling you, it’s not hard to meet the locals at this pub.

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